Wheat Ridge Grange photos of possible dance space

WRG 1 - Exterior WRG 2 - Front Parking WRG 3 - Side Parking WRG 4 - Back Parking WRG 5 - Stairs to Dance Floor WRG 9b - Dance Floor South WRG 9a - Dance Floor North WRG 8 - Dance Floor West WRG 7 - Dance Floor East WRG 6 - Dance Floor LobbyPossible new space for DAFD????  Photos from the Wheat Ridge Grange, thanks to Jerry and Bobbi.  Take a look and send thoughts or comments to Jerry, Maureen or Debby. Or, leave comments here on this page!

10 Responses to Wheat Ridge Grange photos of possible dance space

  1. Jerry says:

    Price $15/hr per floor – The dance floor is the upper floor – A kitchen and open area are in the lower floor (costs extra).
    Nice wood floor – it’s creaky so we know it’s not over concrete (Wood rafters over steel beams I believe)
    Size 33×48 ( about 1600 sqf) which is much bigger than we have at Warren
    Padded benches all around
    Windows on north and south side some of which can be opened for cross-ventillation

    Not centrally located (near 38th and Wadsworth)
    Available on Wednesday only
    We must be out by 10:30pm
    No food is allowed on the upper floor
    No Handicap accessibility (stairs are in good shape though)
    Washrooms are downstairs
    To get to the light switches you have go all the way to the back of the building (we’d need a flashlight)

    There is Grange Parking but it seems to be have a lot of cars all the time. However there is parking in the school lot across the street and at Wheat Ridge Cyclery next door (closes at 7pm). We’d need to check if parking in those places is OK.
    Equipment storage is unclear

  2. Leigh Holden says:

    It looks very similar to the Maple Grove Grange, which is a nice place to dance. It’s a further drive for me, but that wouldn’t be a deal breaker, and I can dance on Wednesdays. Personally, I don’t mind dancing at Warren, but if the group moved to the Wheat Ridge Grange I would make the move, too.

  3. Carl Mack says:

    For us down Columbine way the distance is much the same. It looks more cheerful and less depressing than the church. Parking is probably safer for our ladies. I’m for it!

  4. Miriam Rosenblum says:

    Any idea what the sound would be like in there?

  5. The floor looks beautiful! The distance and day change are real negatives though.

  6. Polly Reetz says:

    The floor looks great, but we’ll have to see if changing to a Wednesday is amenable to most people. Also we need to find out about storing our equipment, and the sound quality (remember the 6th Avenue Church?). It’s further to travel for everyone in central and east Denver metro, but better for folks who live on the west side. I can get to 38th and Sheridan in about 20 minutes and Wadsworth isn’t much of a stretch from there, if you are traveling on 38th, so that’s not too bad.
    Maybe we should try it once to see how it works.

  7. Annie Matula says:

    I think if we move away from the central Denver area that some people who live in that area and love the folk dancing may not be able to get all the way over to Wheat Ridge. I am happy to check with other churches/buildings (with good parking) to see if there are options that are in the central Denver area. Just let me know. That said, I appreciate all the efforts and time that have gone into finding us a new space and will join whatever location is selected!

  8. Anita Madson says:

    I like Warren…..except for the parking and sometimes that is a big drawback. Wednesdays are fine for me. The distance is fine for me. Whatever the majority decides is fine for me. I agree with Annie in appreciating the efforts of Jerry and Bobbi and time spent to make our dancing even better.

  9. Olivia Loria says:

    I think we should try it out and see what we think of it.

  10. bowinski says:

    I think trying it out might make sense. The potential problems that I see are related to ensuring that we have people who could commit to getting there in time to open up and to teach. Maureen and I have been doing much of the teaching in the last few years, along with Sheila occasionally, and Polly as well. All four of us live south and east of the Warren church building. I know that it would be difficult for me to get to this grange early enough to teach often, and I suspect that might also be true for the others.
    There is certainly no need for us to continue to do most of the teaching, but we should at least consider who else might be willing/able to step in if needed.

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