We are a recreational, international folk dance group in Denver, Colorado.  We meet most Thursday evenings in the fellowship hall of the Warren Church on the southeast corner of E. 14th Ave. and Gilpin Street.  We begin our evenings with a one-hour teaching session led by one of our volunteer teachers beginning at 7:00 pm.  At 8:00 we have open dancing which continues until about 10:30, with the tunes selected and played by a volunteer programmer.  We LOVE to get dance requests and our programmers make every effort to incorporate as many requests as possible into the evening’s dance selections.

We enjoy dances of all types from around the world.  Our repertoire includes line, circle, individual and couple dances of varying complexity and difficulty.  There is truly something for everyone!

We are a casual, drop-in group.  No need to make any long term commitments, or even to attend for the entire evening.  Admission is $4 at the door, but the first time is free.  Come check it out and find a whole world of wonderful new rhythms, dance steps, and friends!


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